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Public Administration Associates, LLC partners are recognized among the most trusted, skilled, and effective local government consultants in Wisconsin. Our consultants are highly skilled professionals who get the job done through diligence, unparalleled commitment to the highest standards of client service, and efficient use of client’s time and resources. It is a reputation earned from a combined 130 years in public sector management and public management instruction.

Public Administration Associates, LLC specializes primarily in local government activities in the Midwest. Our consultants have proven expertise in working with local government and have established an extensive network of contacts throughout the region.

Public Administration Associates, LLC assists municipalities in the recruitment and selection of management personnel and conducts studies on municipal organization, management, public safety, public works, personnel classification and compensation, and budgeting. We also conduct strategic planning, visioning, goal setting and council/board effectiveness training. In 2009, Public Administration Associates, LLC expanded its scope of services to include comprehensive planning and economic development assistance. Finally, Public Administration Associates, LLC provides skilled and experienced administrators for interim assignments.

Since 1982, the partners have been responsible for the high-level recruitment of over 175 top Administrators, Managers, and Department Heads throughout the Midwest, substantially more than any other consulting firm. Municipalities throughout the region choose Public Administration Associates, LLC because of its professional, thorough, and affordable work predicated on the needs of each individual community. Public Administration Associates, LLC has an enviable record of accomplishment in meeting the specific needs of our clients.



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